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Lars Larson

New Washington Law Let’s Criminals Hurt, Steal & Rob Then Drive Away Scot Free

Guess, just guess what happens when a group of state lawmakers makes it illegal for police to…..

A Teenage Psychopath Is Still A Psychopath And The Public Needs To Know

We’ve all heard about the 21 Texas murders committed by an 18 year old, but police finally…..

Despite Democrats And Feminists Screaming We’re Evil, We Do Need Men In America

Kind of like the weather, everyone’s going to talk about the heinous crime in Uvalde, Texas where…..

Former President Donald Trump joins the Lars Larson Show

Take a listen below to hear Donald Trump talk about “crazy” Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden, who’s…..

Liberal media and entertainment overwhelmingly dominates the young adult demographic

Lars brings on Scott McEwen, author of American Sniper, and the new book “Trigger Mechanism” the latest…

Sanctuary laws make the lives and jobs of I.C.E. officials harder than it needs to be

Lars brings on Bryan Wilcox, the Acting Field Office Director for the I.C.E. Enforcement & Removal Operations…

Lars Thoughts – Hypocritical, dishonest politicians like Kate make me sick…and as it turns out…they could make you sick too.

Kate Brown ran for secretary of state and for Governor promising the most transparent administration Oregon had…

Rethinking active shooter drills: What’s next for making the classroom safer?

Lars brings on regular guest, Bernie Giusto, retired Multnomah County Sheriff to discuss what schools are doing…

Criminal Alien of the Week Report 02/20/20 by David Cross

It has been an interesting last full week in the month of February 2020 when it comes…

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