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Lars Larson

Biden Weaponizing Every Single Agency Against Us

The Biden Administration is literally weaponizing every single agency against us: the IRS, FDA, CDC, DHS, and…..

Criminal Alien Of The Week Report 11-5-21 By David Cross

Lars Larson Show: Criminal Alien of the Week Report November 5, 2021 Lars: It has been an…..

Hillary Clinton Should Get Ready For A Trip To The Slammer

I still think there’s time to fit Hillary into that orange jail jumpsuit.  Now, before you get…..

Ted Wheeler’s New Government Strategy Is To Govern By Whim

At some point Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s stalling and equivocation is gonna catch up to him. The…..

Is America in a culture-based civil war?

Is America in a culture-based civil war? That’s one of the questions my guest answers in his book…..

New York’s Gun Permit Law Should Spook You

Why should a gun permit law in NYC worry the rest of gun owners in America? Lars…..

With business closing daily, is it really time to raise interest rates again?

Joe Biden has pushed us all into inflation at break-neck speed, and most of the country’s major…..

Last night’s election delivered great news for the future of America

The results are in for many state elections, deliviering bad news for the Democrat Party. Lars covers…..

Voters Tell Democrats They’re Tired of Their BS

Last night’s election delivered good news for the future of America. The big one, of course, Governor…..

Jim Gossett Song: Neil Diamond Parody November Morn Virginia

Today is the anticipated final day of the Virginia governor’s election, and we still don’t know who…..

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