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KTSA Morning News with Trey Ware

Trey’s Take 4th of July and other stuff

Catching up with thoughts on 4th of July and more.

Trey’s Take Video on “Birthing Person”

If you had a mom, or you are a mom, you need to see this

Trey’s Take From One Of His Favorite Places

Did you hear what one county in CA is doing about Covid deaths?

Trey Has Exciting News About KTSA Mornings

Exciting news for us on the morning team at KTSA

Trey’s Take: The Upcoming UFO Report

Trey lays the backgound, and is curious about your thoughts

Trey’s Take – America Is Back … In The Swamp

President Joe Biden claims he has brought America back. He has! Right back to the swamp

Trey Welcomes Slow Joe To Neanderthal Land

Here’s why the Biden admin made this move at this time

New Video – Things To Do Now To Get Ready For A Cyber Attack

Cyber attacks are on the rise. How do you get ready for one?

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