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Ware and Rima

AOC and Nancy Pelosi aren’t planning a girls’ night anytime soon

Sean Rima and Trey Ware discuss how AOC got questioned over her conflicts with the Speaker of…

Did you have a little too much to drink? Don’t you dare call in sick.

Paid sick leave in San Antonio has some flaws, which Trey Ware and Sean Rima break down.

What’s fake news anymore when everything sounds insane?!

Colin Kaepernick banning the U.S. flag on shoes, women licking unsold ice cream in stores, and AOC…

Wild peacocks on Babcock run amok

Liz Ruiz covers a story about peacocks in a NW neighborhood that have been ruffling feathers

Callers react with Ware and Rima about the 2nd Democrat debate

Anyone who heard the 2nd Democrat debate wasn’t fooled by the holes the candidates left open.

VIDEO: Democrats tap dance around economic growth, push socialism

Trey Ware and Sean Rima discuss how the Democrat candidates for president march instep with socialism.

Homestead exception is a small break for the big tax payers

The city of San Antonio is giving a tax break for homeowners– a whopping $28. Ware and…

Ware and Rima take calls on CPS CEO huge raise. Is she worth it?

Trey Ware and Sean Rima take listener calls on CPS Energy chief getting a performance bonus of…

Ware and Rima on the Communist Party USA holding 100th anniversary party

Ware and Rima discuss the Communist Party USA to hold 100th anniversary convention in Chicago later in…

Mastercard says you can feel like any gender you want today

What if you didn’t have to go by your given name when you use a credit card…

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