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Lars Larson

As Biden’s Foreign Policy crumbles, his border crisis hasn’t got any better

Rather than secure the border, the Biden Administration wants to censor Fox News for covering his failure…..

Clinton lawyer indicted for lying to ⁦FBI ⁩in Trump-Russia probe

Lars kicks off today’s Radio Northwest Network (09/17/2021) by sharing with you the latest information on John…..

“Woke” Teachers Don’t Give Your Kids An Education Their New 3 Rs: Revolution, Rebellion & Racism

If you still send your kids to public schools be forewarned:  too many teachers believe they own…..

Could Afghan refugees bring America a whole new pandemic?

America is doing its best to fight covid, but will the flood of refugees from Afghanistan bring…..

Biden Wants To Give The IRS The Power To Spy On Your Bank Accounts

The IRS loves to have access to your bank accounts to make sure Uncle Sam gets a…..

LANDLORD TO TENANTS: No Vaccination, Then Pack Up & Move Out.

A Florida landlord announces he will begin requiring all new and existing tenants to provide proof of COVID…..

What does Gavin Newsom’s recall victory mean for the future of California?

It looks like California is going to be stuck with their incompetent leader, Gavin Newsom for a…..

GOOD OR BAD: Biden’s Defense Secretary Refuses To Testify

Earlier this week we heard from Secretary of State Blinken on Joe Biden’s Afghanistan debacle, but why…..

Get Ready For A Long, Cold Dark Winter Made Worse By NW Government

It’s turned chilly over the last few days here in the Northwest. If you’re like me, you…..

Criminal Alien Of The Week Report 09-16-21 By David Cross

Lars Larson Show: Criminal Alien of the Week Report September 16, 2021 Lars: It has been an…..

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