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Lars Larson

We Should All Be Sick Of NW Government’s Wasteful Spending

Examples of failed government programs are easy to find. Multi-billion dollar losers like Amtrak and the Postal…..

Oregon’s Senator Who Lives In NYC Wants You To Pay Taxes On Money You Don’t Own

Well, Ron Wyden wants a wealth tax.  The Senator claims he only wants to tax the ultra…..

How To Fix Joe Biden’s National Security Strategy

Joe Biden hasn’t been the most reliable president for anything, let alone national security, but is there…..

The Truth Behind College Tuition Costs

Are college tuition costs a scam? For more information, Lars speaks with Mat Jacobson the Founder & CEO of…..

Has Oregon’s lunatic experiment with legalizing the most deadly drugs failed? 

Last fall Oregon voters decriminalized possession of small amounts of almost all hard drugs; now almost nine months…..

NW Government Works Hard To Let Citizens Get Hurt

Living in Portland and Seattle is like being an extra on the set of an Alec Baldwin…..

Portland’s Police Have Been Run Ragged With With No Help From The City

You might think that dead bodies piling up in the streets of a city would bring quick…..

CNN Helps Biden Peddle His Incoherent Rambling To America

Joe Biden had quite a night last night.  The President hasn’t met with reporters to answer questions…..

Jim Gossett Song “Biden’s Monster Cash”

Just in time for Halloween, the wonderful and talented Jim Gossett has produced another great song pointing…..

Biden’s Attorney General On The Hot Seat Today

Joe Biden’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland has been involved in numerous controversies since taking his position, which…..

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