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Lars Larson

NW Governors Ensure Your Next Flight Might Be Your Last

Ever seen a medical emergency at the airport or onboard a commercial flight? I have.  And you’re…..

How Much Money Are You Willing To Put Towards Fighting Climate Change?

The left’s constant chants to “fight climate change” calls for a lot of changes that would cost…..

High Price For Criticizing Biden & The Military

Was the U.S marine who spoke out on social media against the Biden administration’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal…..

A Marine Has Been Fined Thousands For Daring To Question Joe Biden

After criticizing America’s bumbler-in-chief in some YouTube videos, Lt Col Stu Scheller was thrown into the brig…..

Biden’s own people advise against court packing

Every time the Democrats don’t have the SCOTUS majority, they want to pack the court, but would…..

FDA Blocks Critical Rapid COVID-19 Testing

When we’re fighting a pandemic, we should be using all of the tools at our disposal, but…..

Should your private business be forced to act as the “Vax Police”?

Lars start’s off today’s Radio Northwest Network (10/20/2021) by sharing why a private business shouldn’t obey the…..

NW Government “Leads” Citizens Into Violence And Anarchy

I’m finding it harder to believe the chaos here in the Northwest is happening by accident…and more…..

No Need To Defund The Police, NW Government Has Other Ways To Put Everyone In Danger

How shall we count the casualties from this week’s “no jab, no job” mass firings? This morning…..

How does a consulate for Palestine in Jerusalem hurt Israel?

Joe Biden has decided that Palestine deserves their consulate in Israel’s city of Jerusalem, but is that…..

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