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Lars Larson

Hardesty’s Stance On Police Is Criminally Negligent For The Rest Of Portland

Radical Portland city council member Joann Hardesty hates the cops and her votes guarantee she’ll get more…..

Is Australia The Liberal Dream For America?

Australia has become a country on the brink of martial law with some crazy “emergency powers” that…..

Joe Biden’s America: Empty Promises & Empty Shelves

Joe Biden’s trillion-dollar infrastructure bill is at its core supposed to keep America’s supply chain, and by…..

Did Zuckerbucks Help Swing The 2020 Election?

How did $419 million from Facebook’s Mark Zucker help to swing the 2020 U.S. election for Biden…..

It’s The Lawyers Job To Find Excuses For Criminals, Not Prosecutors

Let me tell you about a crazy idea from a northwest prosecutor who thinks it’s his job…..

While Joe Biden locked up Americans for their drug use, was he paying for his son drugs?

Despite the mainstream media’s best efforts to ditch the Hunter Biden laptop story, some new information has…..

Portland’s Police Chief Is Following Feckless Ted Wheeler’s Do Nothing Plan

What does it say about any city when a hundred anarchists run wild smashing things and the…..

The Left Wants You To Have Dirty Dishes!

Have you ever wondered why dishwashers have become less efficient despite cycles being longer than they were…..

Does giving a student an F make the teacher a racist?

A Middle School in Minnesota will no longer hand out “F” grades to students who turn in…..

PORTLAND: You Can Thank Your Spineless Mayor For Surge In Crime

One year ago, Feckless Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler tried to defend the massive cut he had made…..

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