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Lars Larson

Has China’s cybersecurity surpassed our own?

China makes most of the world’s cell phones and computers, but have they also cornered the market…..

Seattle Prepare To Lose 1/3 Of All Cops

The Seattle Police Department says 292 sworn officers have yet to submit their proof of vaccination, an…..

Frank Sanatra, SW Airlines Parody

Jim Gossett, a wonderful musician and longtime Lars fan has sent over another great tune, this time…..

The “Biden Family”

Loyal listener and wonderful musician Jim Gossett has released another fantastic parody based on the theme song…..

VP Kamala Harris Has Made It, But Still Loves To Fake It

We’ve all heard the advice “fake it till you make it”. We may even know a few…..

Biden’s “Build Back Better” Meant Keeping The Unemployed At Home

With companies desperately looking for employees, why are our job numbers still in the tank? For more information, Lars…..

NORTHWEST: Is it possible to make water out of air?

Would you believe there’s a way to suck drinking water out of the air? Lars speaks with…..

Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Is A Lie

A month ago, Joe Biden announced a new rule that requires every employer of more than 100 people…..

Joe Biden Is Turning A Nightmare Into Our Reality

Imagine, if you will, a foreign country attacking America this way: Turn an energy self-sufficient nation into…..

Were lakes on Mars?

Did Martians go to the lake for the weekend? Or does the Moon have its own Mt…..

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