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Lars Larson

Why Is Yesterday’s Texas School Shooting No Longer In The Headlines?

Yesterday, a shooting at a high school in Arlington, Texas sent three people to the hospital, with…..

Criminal Alien Of The Week Report 10-07-21 By David Cross

Lars Larson Show: Criminal Alien of the Week Report October 7, 2021 Lars: It has been an…..

How Good Is Too Good Before A Child Athlete Rides The Bench?

America’s sending strange messages to kids these days.  The latest example from Pop Warner football Coach Joe…..

Biden Makes Jackbooted Thugs The Face Of His Administration

Over the years, A lot of conservatives worried “jackbooted thugs” from the federal government would show up…..

Facebook’s Been Grilled For Years, Will This Whistleblower Testimony Be Different?

Does today’s congressional hearing with a Facebook insider tell us we need to take action against CEO…..

Greenies Tell Farmers What Machinery To Use

Should farmers be forced to give up their diesel tractors for battery-operated agriculture in the name of…..

Biden Mob Wages War Against American Parents

If you think Donald Trump was an authoritarian President, just wait until you hear what the Biden…..

If You Think Legalized Drugs Is A Good Thing, You Must Be High

Hard drugs kill a lot of people.  No mystery there. And the dealers bringing those drugs to…..

CDC Turns A Blind Eye To COVID Natural Immunity

Several studies show that people who have had covid and survived have much better immunity to getting…..

Preview of the most important cases the Supreme Court will hear in its 2021-2022 term

The Supreme Court returns today (October 4th) for its 2021-2022 Term, and the justices will hear cases…..

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