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Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin protests SpaceX moon lander contract

Blue Origin's protest claims NASA's evaluation of moon lander proposals was "flawed."

Mars helicopter completes second test flight

Up to three more flights are planned before Ingenuity's test campaign comes to an end.

NASA’s Perseverance rover successfully makes oxygen on Mars

NASA said it had successfully made oxygen on Mars, a major development that could aid future human…

Traditionally red Texas experiencing green jobs boom

The Lone Star state is quickly becoming the blueprint for a new type of blue-collar worker.

Michigan university becomes first to offer cannabis chemistry scholarship

The chemistry program claims to be the first in the country that focuses specifically on cannabis.

NASA to attempt history-making helicopter flight on Mars

In a historic first, NASA will attempt to launch a helicopter into flight on Mars next month.

Dogs came to North America with earliest humans, study suggests

The history of dogs has been intertwined with that of man since ancient times, and studying canine…

NASA releases extraordinary video of Mars landing

Engineers say the Perseverance rover is healthy and moving swiftly through initial checkout.

Mars rover beams back dramatic landing selfie

Engineers say the rover is healthy and operating normally after its hair-raising descent to the surface.

White House site allows users to choose their pronouns

The changes may seem minor, but advocates say they're meaningful.

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