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Still too soon to try altering human embryo DNA, panel says

It’s still too soon to try to make genetically edited babies because the science isn’t advanced enough…

Researchers successfully train dogs to detect COVID-19 infections

The dogs were able to detect the coronavirus with 94% accuracy.

Should we name heat waves like we name hurricanes?

Although heat waves rarely get the attention that hurricanes​ do, they kill far more people per year…

Hurricane Alpha? Amped up season forecast, names may run out

Already smashing records, this year’s hyperactive Atlantic hurricane season is about to get even nastier, forecasters predict.

Trump, Biden campaigns briefed on unsuccessful cyber hack attempts

Foreign actors continue to try to meddle in U.S. politics, according to the latest hack attempts.

Dangerous coronavirus conspiracy video yanked from Facebook

The video, which falsely claims that masks can make people sicker, has now been viewed millions of…

Thermal imaging could be used to deny entry into businesses

"What we're seeing is there will be a new normal that will involve thermal screening as a…

With more working from home, our Internet undergoes a stress test

There has been a dramatic rise (as much as 50%) in online traffic on residential networks that…

Your phone may be harboring coronavirus. Here’s how to clean it.

Cellphones are a magnet for potentially harmful bacteria.

The War on Science

In the age of misinformation, evidence-based science is under fire.

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