Texas News Radio — April 25, 2018

A Dallas police officer shot at a Home Depot last night has died. San Antonio officials refute an online report describing the department as anti-woman.

Texas News Radio — April 24, 2018

The French president is at the White House for the first state visit in the Trump administration. The man accused of killing 10 in Toronto with a van is in court.

Texas News Radio — April 17, 2018

Today is Tax Day! We have some tips to help you finish — if you haven’t done so already. Coach Pop says he doesn’t think his political beliefs are affecting the Spurs.

Texas News Radio — April 13, 2018

An East Texas nurse is accused of killing two people and hurting others in the hospital. Parts of the state could see severe weather, bringing tornadoes and hail.

Texas News Radio — April 10, 2018

The feds release more details about last month’s Austin bombings. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gets his chance to meet some Senators on Capitol Hill.

Texas News Radio — April 9, 2018

The White House is considering what it should do after a reported chemical attack in Syria. Apple’s CEO is dumping Facebook, calling it a company that preys on you.

Texas News Radio — April 6, 2018

Three San Antonio police officers are accused of not helping a woman before she was killed by a train. Work still needs to be done in two Texas cities affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Texas News Radio — April 5, 2018

San Antonio plans to make a bid to bring back the Final Four. Google employees are wary about an artificial intelligence project the company is working on for the Pentagon.

Texas News Radio — April 4, 2018

The YouTube HQ shooter reportedly had a vendetta against the video hosting service. The NCAA says the Final Four could come back to San Antonio very soon.