What Caused 410/35 Flooding?

There’s a reason for that flooding at the 410 and 35 interchange on the northeast side.

It actually may have been caused by you, or you, or maybe you.

“The drains do get clogged in that area,” specifically by trash on the highway, TXDOT’s Laura Lopez said.

“We need to remind people to please keep your trash in your vehicle,” she said. “Do not throw it out of your vehicle and into the roadway because that’s what causes the drainage problems whenever we have flooding.”

So it wasn’t some engineering problem, simply trash that streamed into the drainage, causing the water to build up on the highway.

“It’s trash like that that ends up getting clogged in the drains,” she said.

District 10 Councilman Mike Gallagher and his staff could see the ensuing traffic jam from his district office off 410.

“It’s the sort of thing that we’ve got to pay attention to,” he said. “Our engineers need to be looking at it and saying ‘where is the solution to this problem’.”

And the solution might be as simple as not littering.



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