Caveat Emptor When You Cast a Vote for Mayor of SA

Jonathan Gurwitz (from left), Dr. Masarat Ali, Jack Riccardi, Roman Garcia

Three things to watch out for in choosing a San Antonio mayor:

1.) Being “Mayor of Downtown”. Hundreds of thousands of San Antonians live south, east, west and especially north of downtown. They may visit downtown. Some never even do that. It’s hip, it’s trendy and it’s a tourism engine, but it’s not homebase for most people and businesses, and smart mayors know there’s life outside the loops.

2.) Too focused on the next elected office. We like ’em young at City Hall (except when we like ’em old), and a person’s ambition can ignite a lot of good things, but the nation’s seventh largest city shouldn’t be a waiting room for Austin or Washington. Or a laboratory for trying out wacky progressive ideas.

3.) Crusading from the office, or weaponizing it. There’s a reason our municipal elections are (nominally) non-partisan. Of course, everyone who gets in there is some kind of Democrat—this is Bexar County. But if we get a mayor playing partisan crusader, it won’t just be the “bathroom bill” that costs us dearly. Activists not needed.

Undoubtedly, there are more watchwords. Got any other warnings for your fellow voters? Let me know at

And remember: early voting starts April 24th.



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