Chain link fence going up around the Alamo, 16 arrests following protestse than

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – More than a dozen people have been arrested since Saturday as peaceful protests in San Antonio have ended in riots and looting.  The demonstrations across the country have erupted since the death of George Floyd led to a murder charge against a Minneapolis  officer.

Eight individuals were arrested Tuesday night  in San Antonio after protests at the Bexar County Courthouse led to a march to the downtown Public Safety Headquarters .  At times, the protesters ran through the streets and parking lots as they made their way back to the Alamo.  They they blocked the access road of IH 37 before going near Alamo Plaza, which is closed nightly as the demonstrations continue.  Policed say glass bottles were thrown at them , and they fired back with pepper balls and wooden and rubber bullets.

Here are the names and charges against those arrested in connection with the disturbances Tuesday night .

18-year-old Dameion Kyle Bell-engaging in a riot and evading arrest

19-year-old Carlos Alfredo Cabrera-engaging in a riot

27-year-old Priscilla Gonzales-pedestrian in the roadway

24-year-old Brian Michael Sunblade-resisting arrest, failure to identify and crossing against pedestrian control sign

17-year-old Jophrank Jaramillo-criminal trespassing

17-year-old Damion Smiley Calderon -evading arrest

19-year-old Jonathan Caballero-evading arrest and engaging in a riot

17-year-old Jose David De La Cruz-evading arrest

Twenty-one-year-old Nathan Abraham Carranza was arrested earlier Tuesday evening in connection with the rioting Saturday night.  He’s accused of damaging Travis Park Church.

Six were arrested Saturday night, and four of those individuals were charged with rioting.  All but one of the suspects arrested since Saturday are San Antonio residents.  One man is from Uvalde.

A temporary chain link fence was being installed around the Alamo as the disturbances continue.

The  four-foot tall chain link  link fence will be mounted on top of water filled plastic barriers. It will be placed on the sidewalk on the western edge of the plaza from the intersection of Alamo and Crockett Streets to the intersection of Alamo and Houston streets. A second section will run along the northern edge of the plaza from Alamo and Houston streets to the Long Barrack. Fifteen-foot wide access points will be available for pedestrians on both Alamo and Houston streets.

A  curfew remains in place at Alamo Plaza from 8:30 pm  to 6 a.m. The nightly closures will continue through Sunday.


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