Changes Coming for Uresti’s “Civil Liability” Bill

A potentially crucial change could be coming to Senator Carlos Uresti’s bill that would protect people who rescue animals locked in cars from potentially dangerous situations.

“This is a very simple, very straight-forward bill–but also a bill about life and death” San Antonio Pets Alive Executive Director Maureen O’Nell told the Texas Senate’s State Affairs Committee during a hearing Thursday.

“All this bill is asking for is to remove the civil liability from someone who helps the animal” O’Nell said.

Senators like the idea–but also want to see similar protections extended to those who rescue vulnerable people from the same type of situations.

“The assumption is… we would just assume that it (protections for those who rescue vulnerable people from similar situations) we would just assume that it exists” Uresti said, agreeing to work on adding those protections to his bill.

Animal rights activists signaled their support for that addition to the bill, and Senators seem ready to move forward once the changes are made.

“I think we’re all onboard, and we’ll do a little bit of research and figure out how we can fix (the bill)” State Affairs Committee Chair Joan Huffman said.



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