Charter Amendments The People vs. Insider Power

People keep asking me to tell them which way to vote on the charter amendments. I don’t do that. Informed adults make their own decisions regardless of what a radio guy says.

So, this is not about picking a side.

However, one of the most divisive battles in this year’s election has been over the 3 charter amendments placed on the ballot by the citizens through the petition process.

While there is an argument to be made that Amendment A has the potential to encourage special interests to have a greater say in city government, the people who are voting “yes” could care less.

The supporters of the 3 initiatives see this as the “People” vs. “Insider Power.”

It’s as simple as that.

Time and again when amendment supporters contact my show they always – not some of the time but always – say they are voting “YES” in order to rein in an out-of-control liberal, progressive, socialist city council, and a City Manager they cannot stand.

Frequently mentioned reasons are:

1. The statue that was taken down from Travis Park late at night and hidden away “somewhere.” People believe and know that deal was done way before there was even one vote taken at City Council.

2. Telling the RNC to “kiss off” in a closed door meeting where a “vote” was taken in clear violation of the Texas meetings rules. The people see this as pure partisan politics. And the fact it happened behind closed doors without citizen input added fuel to the blaze.

3. The Alamo plan which is designed to “tell a different story” of what happened there. A story which “will honor all of the participants on both sides.” And a plan which moves a historic marker (Cenotaph) which honors those who gave their lives for liberty against the tyranny of Mexico.

There are more, but these suffice.

I’m told polling says the vote is super close.

Whichever way it goes it will take strong and wise leadership to heal a deeply divided community.

I pray we have the leaders who can do it.



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