Check EVERY Single Name

A number of groups are filing lawsuits in Texas to stop the State from checking voter rolls saying the voter citizenship review efforts are unconstitutional because they target certain groups of people.

Oh, you mean like people who are here illegally and therefore should not be voting in our elections?

These groups claim the review places an undue burden on the right to vote.

Say what? Proving you are a US citizen before you vote is an “undue burden?”

Such lunacy.

Just what are they afraid of? If a person is a US citizen who is legally registered to vote they have nothing to worry about.

It’s clear these ACLU-led groups are worried the review might find people who are illegally registered, and therefore ineligible to vote in our elections.

I say check every single name on every roll, and then pass a law which forces each person to provide proof of citizenship before they register, AND at the polls – EVERY time.

We must get tough if we are ever going to stomp out the scourge of people voting illegally in our elections.

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