On The Chicago Kidnapping Video: You’re Freaking Kidding, Right?

“That will certainly be part of whether or not we determine this a hate crime or whether or not this is stupid ranting and raving.”

Chicago Police Department Commander Kevin Duffin.

“I don’t think it’s evil. I think these are young people and I think they have bad home training.”

Don Lemon.


Wow. Just…wow.

So, this morning, I forced myself to watch all 37 minutes of the now infamous Chicago Kidnapping Video, which originated as a Facepuke live stream involving four black sociopaths torturing a white special needs guy. Apparently, they stole a van and drove to a suburb of Chicago, where they captured their victim, and then returned to an apartment on the west side. The two big black guys then proceeded to kick and hit the young man, all the while screaming, “F–k Trump! F–k white people!” At one point, they took a blade to his scalp, and cut him until he bled. The Cheeto-munching dipshit hosting this live event gleefully laughed on-camera when one of the thugs tapped the ashes of his blunt into the victim’s opened wound. Jesus Christ. There really are no freaking words.

There are also no freaking words for some of the reactions to this sickness.

The Chicago PD Commander isn’t sure if this crime was racially-motivated or just a bunch of crazy kids making “bad decisions.” Some Liberal moron named Symone Sanders claimed it would be “slippery” to call this a racially-motivated crime because maybe, you know, it was just about hating Trump. (P.S. Dear “Symone,” the way your name is spelled, it should be pronounced Sigh Moanee. Just saying.) And then there’s Don Lemon, who somehow managed to make a bigger ass of himself on New Year’s Eve than Mariah Carey, expertly concluding the capture and torture of a handicapped individual wasn’t “evil,” but rather the result of “bad home-training.”

Don. Baby. Lay off the sauce, man. Seriously, dude. It ain’t working for you. Next time you consider getting a tattoo on live TV, perhaps go with DOUCHEBAG, in really big letters, across your empty forehead. That’ll show up nice and clear in High Def, so that when the rest of us see it, we can immediately change the channel.

Now, as far as the story itself, there are several dark layers of f–ked-up-ness at play here:

The first, obviously, involves an online generation who seem to think watching people suffer is entertaining. Not sure who to blame here, because there really isn’t a single bad guy in the room to whom you can point your finger at. Tens of thousands of kids socialize and play video games online each year, and they don’t kidnap people and beat the crap out of them on a live stream. My stepson plays video games every day of his life, and he is one of the most compassionate individuals I have ever met. I suspect Douchebag Don is right in this one regard, that when you combine an online existence with “bad home-training” or, moreover, NO home-training, you tend to create evil little psychos such as this particular gang of soulless shitheads in Chicago.

The second, even more obviously, is an elitist news media who have been pushing the fake news story of Donald Trump’s racism for over two years, despite the fact there is not one molecule of evidence that he is actually a racist, or plans to do anything horrible and racist to black people once he is sworn into office. This was partly born of the Eternal Black Victimization of this nation’s First Black President, who has routinely used his skin color as a way to demonize his critics for nigh on eight years, and partly the result of his moronic supporters who willingly supported this insulting bullshit, rather than voicing intelligent arguments as to why his critics were wrong on any given issue.

Thirdly, the surreal and pathetic bitterness of the Left at having lost an election to a guy like Donald Trump. For the first time in recent memory or, perhaps, EVER, the usual bag of tricks the Progressives would normally (and successfully) utilize in order to reduce their political opponents to Bible-thumpin’ n—-r-hatin’ rednecks while simultaneously downplaying the deep corruption of a reptile like Hillary Clinton simply did not work. America saw through the bullshit. Rather than taking an honest look in the mirror and figuring out why, this time, the bullshit didn’t work, the Democrats have been largely about the business of doubling-down on the very racially-charged bullshit that cost them the election.

What does any of this have to do with four sadistic idiots brutalizing a special needs guy in west Chicago?


From the Oval Office to the Department of Justice to the Black Lives Matter movement, the message has been pretty clear over the past eight years. All white people are racist. All cops are racist. All Conservatives are racist. All Christians are racist. And, of course, Donald Trump is racist, and all the haters who voted for him are racist, too. So, listen up, kids:  Feel free to express your morally-justified outrage by burning the shit out of your own neighborhoods, killing cops, and, when the mood hits you, grabbing a white handicapped guy from the ‘burbs and f–king him up. Hell, after all this slavery and Jim Crowe stuff…you’ve earned it.

If you don’t believe me or, more likely, if you think I’m a racist for saying this, then maybe you need to ask the thug-asshole who was putting out his cigar in the white kid’s opened scalp why he was doing what he was doing.

I’m sure he’ll have an intelligent response, maybe something like, “I had bad home-training…”

God Be With Us All,

rev s










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