Chief McManus Takes Another Political Stand and Listeners Respond – Read It All Here…

SA Police Chief William McManus continues to insert himself into the arena of city and state politics.

After taking a very public stand against SB4, the law which was designed to protect the state by holding local officials accountable whenever they release illegal immigrants who break the law after they are in the state, the Chief has now taken the lead in speaking against the right to privacy legislation known as the “bathroom bill.”

Appearing in ¬†front of the state Capitol building Tuesday, McManus said, “I’m asking legislators, don’t do this. Don’t pass this unnecessary bill.”

Chief McManus says police will not have time to enforce the bill should it become law. “Like police don’t have anything better to do than to worry about who goes into the bathroom,” McManus said. “Will we now be required to stand at the doors of bathrooms and ask for your birth certificate?”

The Chief expressed concern for the psychological welfare of trans-gendered individuals saying, “The net effect of this bill is to create psychological trauma and confusion (in transgender people).”

A ¬†glance at the KTSA Facebook page shows a growing frustration with some of the political positions McManus has taken lately with one person saying, “Jackass. If he wants to be a legislator, he should run for office.”

And another representing a refrain often heard from callers on the air, “McManus should concern himself with enforcing the laws! We don’t want the Chief playing politics, we want him to enforce the law!”

Listener Tom chimed in saying, “I salute the Chief for standing up against this hateful, racist peace of sh*t bill. Mr. McManus is making us all safer – even the homophobes.”

The Senate approved the right to privacy bill 21-10.



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