SAN ANTONIO (KTSA NEWS) –  With the help of the surrounding community, First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs rebuilt after a mass shooting left 26 people dead in 2017.   Now, amid the coronavirus pandemic, the church continues to hold in-person worship services.

Religious services are allowed under Governor Greg Abbott’s Public Emergency Declaration, but he does encourage social-distancing.   About three dozen people gathered at the church about 35 miles southeast of San Antonio last Sunday, but instead of the usual handshake greetings, they waved at each other, although some were standing right next to each other.

“What we’re going to do today is the parade wave,” said Pomeroy.

Then he reminded them about the social distancing guidelines.

“The CDC says that it’s great if you want to keep six feet between you,” said Pomeroy.  ” That’s up to you what you do with that.”

While the services have been livestreamed, Pomeroy explained why he believes it’s important to get together.  He says the online services just aren’t enough for some people, especially at a time like this.

“There are those who long for that touch and that prayer to get them through a time such as this,” said Pomeroy.

He also noted that not everybody is able to watch the services online or on Facebook.

“The message should not just be for those who are affluent enough to own a computer and have an email address or a website address,” Pomeroy told the congregation.

He also reminded them that he’s proceeding with plans to hold an Easter Sunrise service Sunday, as well as the regular 11 o’clock indoor service, which will be livestreamed.

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