About The Church Minibus Wreck In Leakey…

There is so much grief and so many questions about the head-on collision near Garner State Park that took the lives of 13 out of 14 souls on board the van returning from a senior retreat.

Understandably, so many are grieving for the First Baptist Church of New Braunfels church elders, grandparents, parents, friends and neighbors.

Like you, this tragedy has weighed on my heart and been in my prayers.

The bus riders are home now, in the eternal kingdom where He awaits us all. And we pray that the 14th passenger fully recover.

But it won’t just be their families who miss them. In any church community, older men and women are a kind of energy, conscience and memory bank. They will be missed that way, too, and it will take a long time to get over. Today we often promote youth and modernization of worship, but people like the ones riding that minibus are indispensable.

I didn’t know them, but church elders usually have that “servant’s heart” attitude that makes possible so many good works, takes care of countless details, and enlivens gatherings and functions.

We should pray for the other church members who have only just begun to miss them.

I suspect I will lose some of you here, but we should also pray for the driver of that Dodge pickup, which rammed the minibus. “Like hitting a brick wall,” said one forensics expert.

We are told the pickup driver is 20, in stable condition from his injuries.

The visible ones, that is.

Whatever caused this horrific wreck, and no matter what responsibility he may have, this young man named Jack will now live with a kind of awful knowledge, a sentence no one can evade or appeal.

First Baptist pastor Brad McLean asked prayers for him:

“[His] family is hurting…I encourage that we show grace for them, we pray for them and show love for them as they work through a difficult time as well.”






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