Cibolo man shoots at police, standoff ensues

CONVERSE, Tex. (KTSA News) — Cibolo police spent several hours trying to get a suspect who shot at officers out of a home in the city.

Cibolo police spokesman Officer Matt Schima said officers were sent to a home in the 200 block of Willow Bluff to assist a person get back into their home after a dispute at around 4 p.m Thursday.

The Cibolo Police Department and other nearby agencies work to get a suspect out of a Cibolo home on March 12, 2020, after that suspect shot at officers who were trying to assist another resident get back into the house. Photo: KTSA/Don Morgan

When an officer was helping that person get back in, the other party — who had the door locked — shot at the officers.  No one was struck.

They backed up and set up a perimeter around the scene, trying to negotiate with the man to end the dispute peacefully.

Neighbors told KTSA News police were at the house at around 7 a.m. Thursday and it seemed the matter had been resolved then.  Another neighbor said there had been issue there a couple months ago. The stand-off ended at 11:15 Thursday night when 34 year old Ebin Ford surrendered to police. He’s been charged with Attempted Capital Murder.




Additional reporting by KTSA’s Don Morgan.

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