City Begins Shaping Next Bond Program

The City of San Antonio is considering a five year bond proposal worth $850M.

Seventy-percent of that comes in just two categories.

“Streets, bridges, and sidewalks, $450M, 59 projects, that’s 53% of the bond,” The city’s Mike Frisbie told the City Council Wednesday. “Drainage and flood control, $144M, 18 projects, 17% (of the bond).”

He said this bond proposal goes hand-in-hand with the SA Tomorrow growth plan, namely “the sustainability plan, the comprehensive plan, the multi-modal plan, for sure, and that’s been a very close process for the last year.”

Something new in this bond proposal is money for “neighborhood improvements,” with a focus on housing initiatives.

“We’re able to recommend $20M in this bond program for the affordable housing program,” Deputy City Manager Peter Zanoni said. “We will have to use our Urban Renewal Agency,” and the City Council will have to adopt an Urban Renewal Plan in order for this to be allowed under the bond.



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