City Elections in November?

Should the City of San Antonio municipal elections be held in November, instead of May?

It’s an idea brought forward by Councilman Ron Nirenberg.

“Our city is healthier when our citizens have a bigger voice at the table,” he said, touting bigger turnout in November than in May. “It doesn’t matter what month it’s in we can still have a non-partisan election in San Antonio for Council members.”

But some members of the City’s Governance Committee said Wednesday it would be difficult to keep the city’s election non-partisan in November.

“We run the risk of a lot of people doing two things: A) voting without knowing anything about the councilmen or mayor they’re voting for, and B) that council races get tied up in Presidential politics,” Councilman Joe Krier said.

Mayor Ivy Taylor said May elections allow the voter to focus on city issues only.

But Nirenberg thinks it can remain non-partisan in November: “I think we shouldn’t underestimate the intelligence of San Antonians, they know the difference between a city council member and a President.”

The idea will go in front of the City’s Charter Review Commission.



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