City Increases Fine For Oversized Vehicle Parking

Parking an oversized vehicle on residential streets in San Antonio is against the law. But many people who own them, don’t seem to care.

The city is hoping an increase in the fine will get the attention of people who violate the rule.

Jennifer Rodriguez at the San Antonio Police Department says they get a lot of complaints regarding oversized vehicle parking. Those tall and wide boats, trailers or RV’s make it difficult for other drivers to squeeze their cars through the area.

The Police Department wanted to be proactive so they came up with an idea. They proposed raising the fine for oversized vehicle parking from 35 dollars to 500 dollars.

It’s a pretty significant increase but City Council decided they were all for it. They voted for the proposal at Thursday’s meeting.

This is how the city defines an oversized vehicle.

An oversized vehicle: A motor vehicle, trailer, or boat which by itself or together with other structure(s) or vehicle(s) attached to it exceeds twenty-four (24) feet in length, eight (8) feet in width or eight (8) feet in height, exclusive of accessories such as antennas, air conditioners, luggage racks, and mirrors. If an oversized vehicle is also a recreational vehicle, it may not be parked on the street in a residential district. If it does not meet the criteria for an oversized vehicle it may be parked on the street provided that it is not being stored there. It may park on the street only for such time as is actually necessary to load and unload passengers, freight and merchandise. There is no exception for trip preparation. This rule applies 24 hours a day.

The new fine kicks in March 11th.



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