City of New Braunfels reminds visitors and residents of food, drink container ordinances for Comal, Guadalupe rivers

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News )– If you plan on kicking off the unofficial start of summer by floating on rivers in New Braunfels, here’s a reminder from the city.

Residents and visitors floating on the Comal and Guadalupe rivers are being asked to keep in mind that there is an ordinance prohibiting beverages and food in disposable containers on the rivers.

This includes aluminum cans, plastic bottles, zip-top bags, glass bottles, Styrofoam cups or coolers, cardboard boxes, paper napkins or paper towels, and all food wrappers.

River Operations Manager Amy Niles says:

“There are plenty of great alternatives to bring your favorite drink or snack while enjoying the rivers in New Braunfels. Insulated cups and insulated bottles work great along with reusable jugs and cups, and reusable snap-top food containers. Any container that is designed to be used once and then thrown away is prohibited by city ordinance.”

If you’re spotted using disposable containers, you could be issued a citation by police or park rangers.

Fines could run up to $500.

City ordinances also put restrictions on cooler size (30 quarts or less), music volume, the size of inflatable tubes and rafts, bridge jumping, and volume drinking devices.

So before you head to the river, check out to get up to date information on city ordinances.


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