City Offers to Resume Talks With SAPOA

An offer from the City of San Antonio to the San Antonio Police Officers Association.

It’s an attempt to get the police union back to the bargaining table.

“We’ve offered several concessions in an effort to reach a new collective bargaining agreement,” Mayor Ivy Taylor said on the steps of City Hall Wednesday afternoon.

The city’s offer includes a new three year “Evergreen Clause” and, “if an agreement is reach, the city’s lawsuit challenging the police union’s ten year ‘Evergreen Clause’ will be dropped,” she said.

The city wants to meet with the union at least 5 times in March, with the goal of reaching a new agreement by the end of the month.

It’s essentially a detente, she said, “an opportunity for both parties to put past disagreements aside and to resolve this issue.”

“We are not going back to the negotiating table until the lawsuit is done,” SAPOA President Mike Helle said.

A District Court ruled in favor of the police union back in December, throwing out the city’s challenge to the “Evergreen Clause.” The city has filed notice to appeal. The first briefs in the appeal are due soon.

“So, either they give (the lawsuit) up, withdraw it, forget about it, or we just duke it out in court,” Helle said.

He said the union is ready for that.



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