City orders the demolition of a notorious bar on San Antonio’s East side

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A notorious East side night spot could soon have a date with a wrecking ball.

Police had been called to Twin Sisters Cantina on South Hackberry nearly one hundred times in the year before the establishment was ordered closed last month.

Residents who live near the bar have complained of fights, gunshots, sexual acts and patrons relieving themselves on neighboring lawns.

In late January, the City of San Antonio issued a temporary restraining order that shut down the watering hole. It’s been boarded up and a fence circles the property.

Now the Building Standards Board is involved.

They got a look at the inside of the bar and after finding blood, bullet holes, trash and poor construction, they have determined that it needs to be torn down.

The man who owns the property reportedly has no issue with having the building demolished and has had an offer from someone who wants to buy the land.

He’s reportedly run into some snags while trying to evict the tenant but says he will have the building torn down very soon.

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