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Deion Sanders and I are about the same age.

Maybe that’s why I think I get what’s going on here, with his Colorado Buffalos opening up 3-0 and blasting through expectations and doubts.

We both grew up in a more optimistic time. You were young, you didn’t know everything, but you also didn’t know what you weren’t supposed to be capable of.

The times our kids are growing up in are different, and not in a good way. Diminished expectations, the dumbing down of academics, excellence and achievement. The demotion of work. It’s why a 1-11 team last year could win ONLY three games the next season and people would be gobsmacked.

But they’re going to win more than three, these Buffs. And a man of deep personal faith and genuine exuberance for the game is the reason why.

Deion Sanders, as a  player, was not everyone’s cup of tea. Yes, he had swagger. Of course, he was also a three-sport, both-sides-of-the-ball achiever too. These days, you can be famous for being famous. Neon Deion became famous for being great.

Coach Prime’s squad doesn’t operate in this modern world of lowered expectations. They don’t believe what’s supposed to happen this season, who’s supposed to dominate their conference, etc. etc.

No, they believe in what can happen. It sounds hokey to to say that, but this is how you get a group of people to move a boulder, or build something, or improve sales, or…transform a sleepy college town into the epicenter of college football. You take them away from the “business” of it and show them the joy of it.

The Colorado Buffalos will lose a game, or even several, eventually. It won’t matter, now. They’ve seen and felt something that none of them will want to give back.



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