‘Cobra Kai’ stars talk friendship, representation, and what to expect for season 5

(NOTE LANGUAGE) With Cobra Kai season four continuing to dominate the binge-side of life on Netflix, two of its stars are talking friendship, representation, equal footing and dropping a few hints for what to expect in season five.

When it comes to off-screen relationships, Vanessa Rubio who plays Carmen Diaz, and Courtney Henggeler, who plays Amanda LaRusso, tell ABC Audio that their friendship is as real as it gets — even though it didn’t develop until two seasons in when they realized they had “weird little things” in common, including their closeness in age.

“I think between the younger cast, the older cast and then us…we’re like ‘You’re the only one that I can really go out with so let’s go and have fun!’” Rubio expresses.

Meanwhile on-screen, Henggeler says that the secret to Cobrai Kai’s success lies in its creators and how they keep the playing field level for everyone.

“It was never like…the girls are going to this, and the boys are going to do this, it was just like the bad-a** is going to do this, the other bad-a** is going to do this,” she explains. “I so respect that they never throw us the generic girl-parts.”

Keeping things level also includes Latina representation and empowerment, which are at the forefront of Rubio’s character.

“Just the ability to see your type of physicality and self represented on screen is a big deal,” Rubio says.

Another big deal is season five, which Rubio reveals is already filmed. So what can fans expect?

“Let’s just say that maybe the Valley gets…smaller,” she laughs. “The stakes are up!…I’m always rooting for Johnny and Carmen. I’m always rooting for them and I hope they make it! We’ll see.” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

Cobra Kai season four is streaming now on Netflix.


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