SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Gubernatorial candidate Col. Allen West called into the Ware & Rima show on Feb. 16, 2022, ahead of the March 1 Republican primary election.

You can listen to the full interview above. Below is a transcript from the Ware & Rima Show. 

Trey Ware: Once again, an honor to welcome back to the show. Lieutenant Colonel Allen West. Sir, thank you very much for coming back on the show.

Allen West: Hey, good morning, Trey. It’s good to be with you.

Trey Ware: … We’ve got a bunch of different issues to climb up this hill, but I want to start with the crime issue … I was talking about we’re reaping what we’re showing with all the anti-police rallies and riots, really, that were happening a couple of summers ago. The seeds were sown then and with the soft-on-crime DAs this is what’s happening across Texas. Let’s focus on Texas. How do we turn that around? What do we do as governor?

Allen West: Yeah, first and foremost, you have to understand you got these activist judges that are sitting there releasing these violent criminals back onto the streets and, in Houston, 155 Houstonians have directly lost their lives because of these violent felons that have been released.

And article 15, Section Eight of the Texas State Constitution, it gives the governor of Texas the power to be able to initiate impeachment proceedings against these judges. And so I don’t know why we have not done that to send a clear message that this is not going to be acceptable. Of course, those impeachment hearing would be conducted by the Texas State House, but the governor can start those proceedings.

I think the other thing the governor can do is to put a lot more pressure on the district judges, who can put pressure on these district attorneys and start highlighting the district attorneys that we have, in Bexar County, Harris County, Travis County and Dallas County, where I live, who are Soros-backed to individuals and we need to put the pressure on them as well. For whatever reason that’s been lacking, but we need to have an attorney general that also goes after these individuals because he is the top cop in the state of Texas.

Trey Ware: You know, we talked about … Soros-backed DAs who are soft on crime and that being done on purpose, letting these guys back out to create chaos in our streets, but also we have elected officials — [like] our own mayor in San Antonio [who] went to an anti-police rally two summers ago and then did the whole fist in the air thing from city council chambers and made all the others except for one raises fist in the air and in a salute to anti-police activities of being anti-cop. Enough. Enough is enough, because now there is a war on Cops. There’s no doubt in my mind that that’s going on.

Allen West: Yeah, you’re absolutely right. And one of the things that really is kind of disconcerting is when you look at the voter turnout in these mayoral races is very low. And then we allow these people such as again in Dallas and in Houston in Austin and San Antonio, to be these mayors and our large major population centers here in Texas. And then we see what’s happening. We see the fact of Austin, just up the road from you all, as the number three highest increase of homicides in the country. And so we have got to do better and getting strong mayoral candidates out there and supporting them and get rid of these progressive socialist lefties.

Trey Ware: You know, I was reading a piece today about Texas leading the nation right now going first in our early voting in the primary and in the piece it talks about you in a couple of the polls that they looked at you either being slightly ahead of Governor Abbott or being right there very competitive with him.

One of the issues that you and I have talked about many times you’ve been on the show is border security. This is the biggest story for Texans and I believe for the country as well.

Just this past Sunday during the Superbowl in the Del Rio sector 3400 illegal aliens crossed the border. Many of them from Haiti are agents going out into the end of the river, saving their lives because many of them are drowning and our agents are bringing them back to life. We’re now saying that Joe Biden’s net approval rating has declined 41 points among Hispanics and we’re seeing counties … which have typically been blue Democrat strongholds along the border flipping red and to Republicans, because even Hispanics and Latinos, they’ve had enough of this enough.

Allen West: Yeah, you’re absolutely right. And that’s one of the things that I did is to chairman was to make that connection in the Rio Grande Valley and with the Hispanic community down there, they had never seen the chairman of the Republican Party of Texas down in the valley and we consistently kept coming back and I’ve been campaigning down there strongly to let them know that we hear their concerns and we want to secure their communities and make sure that the cartels are not overrunning them as well.

But you know, I was just listening to the ad that was running on your radio station about Governor Abbott saying that he has secured the border. That’s not the case. We see hundreds of thousands still coming across and just yesterday I was with Governor Abbott spokesperson, Steve Monasterio, and an event in Houston a luncheon and he said that the reason why they have not abided by the Constitution, which declares this as an invasion, is because the governor is worried about Merrick Garland.

He’s more so concerned about Supreme Court that says that this is a federal government issue and so we can’t arrest people for trespassing. This is an invasion. We’re fighting an insurgency against a terrorist organization, not a business organization. And I will be very tough and I think that Texas deserves a warrior and not a lawyer sitting up there in Austin.

Trey Ware:  … The current Governor Greg Abbott held a press conference yesterday and I guess a roundtable discussion … on fentanyl and the drugs that have constantly flowed across the border. We now know that with you and your war experience, we’ll know more about this than anybody else. But we now know that the cartels are using drones flying fentanyl all over the border and dropping it in fields and these guys are going and picking up fentanyl and other drugs and distributing them throughout the country. How do you stop that?

Allen West: Well, you stop that by giving our National Guard troops the right rules of engagement which Governor Abbott has not done. As a matter of fact, the cartels are firing across the Rio Grande River into Texas. That’s an act of war and any international student of law can tell you that.

But they have to be able to secure these drones and they need to have the boots on the ground that are out there patrolling and finding these drops zone sites, just the same as the Cali cartels used to fly planes into remote airfields down in South Florida and we got out there and we took care of that. So you have to be more aggressive and that’s not what we’re doing. I understand how to patrol, I understand how to get on the border because I’ve been deployed to other countries to do that.

But again, you’re talking about fentanyl, which you know, over 100,000 last year, the highest amount of drug overdoses 18 to 45 years of age, the highest killer. And guess where it’s coming across? It’s coming across here in Texas. So our borders not secure.

The cartels are making money hand over fist, not just on the drug trafficking, but the human and sex trafficking. Texas is the number one state for human sex trafficking in the country. Houston and Dallas are the top two cities, they’re making 25 to 30 million a week just on human trafficking. So again, it’s time for us to get tough on the border. And that’s what I intend to do.

Trey Ware: Two more quick issues for you because I know you need to go, but number one, one of your opponents Don Huffines has been talking about property taxes, got billboards all up around San Antonio [that say] “I’m gonna get rid of property taxes.” I get questions … about ditching property taxes. Your thoughts on that? And whether you support that, what do you do? How do we deal with that issue?

Allen West: Yeah, I do agree with it because the property tax system that we have in Texas — the sixth highest in the country — is based upon Marxist economic philosophies. It is a progressive income tax and that also eliminates private property ownership, you can’t own your home here in Texas.

So two … avenues of approach that we take: we look at all the excessive spending down in Austin, as a matter of fact, since 2015, we seen an 98% increase in the state budget about $47 billion, we go back to 2015 levels, and we get those savings back to the people to pay down property taxes. We look at all the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness and agencies of programs and we trim those down, we move away from a baseline budget system. But also we start looking at moving away from the profit sector system to a consumption-based system, which is what the United States of America was on prior to 1917 when we created the personal income tax.

So that’s a two way approach. We reduce the spending down in Austin [and] use those savings to pay down on property tax burden at the state level and then concurrently we work in the 88th legislative session to get a consumption-based tax program — [a] fair tax, you want to call it that — here in Texas and we get that passed. I sign it and then it goes to the people to … vote on it in November 2023 and the constitutional amendment elections.

Trey Ware: Finally, Colonel, mandates. Not a week goes by that I don’t have listeners reach out to me. They want a special session right now that will pass a law and codify it into law in Texas that no mass mandates, no vaccine mandates, no mandates of any kind can be affected in the state of Texas. Do you support that?

Allen West: I absolutely support that. I’ve been on the record about that special session to do that. I don’t know why Governor Abbott won’t, because edicts, mandates and decrees are not law. But when you had a governor that used mandates himself …  that shows you exactly what he believes in. And so we’ve got to get back to the rule of law and I will establish that here in the great state of Texas.