Color-coded conservation system introduced by CPS Energy

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — CPS Energy announced Monday it is launching a color-coded conservation level notification system to help its customers reduce energy use.

“We believe this program couldn’t be more timely given the triple-degree temps we experienced last month and that have returned this week. This new notification program will educate our customers on simple tips to conserve energy throughout what’s expected to be a long, hot summer,” said CPS Energy Interim President & CEO Rudy D. Garza.

The company said it will help customers manage their energy bills, conserve energy, and help the state power grid’s reliability.

The system will feature four levels: Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.

“Green Days” will be your typical day.

“Yellow Days” will be recommended conservation measures for customers.

“Orange Days” and “Red Days” will be issued when ERCOT declares that grid reliability is at risk.

With Monday the first day of the program — and it being an expected 100+ degree day — the system starts as a “Yellow Day”.

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