Comal ISD investigating claims that “racial slurs” were directed at Hays High School volleyball players during recent game at Canyon High

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Officials with the Comal ISD are investigating complaints that racial slurs were heard coming from the stands during a recent volleyball game.

The complaint from Hays High School states that their players were subjected to “hateful and racial slurs” during the September 2 game at Canyon High School.

A statement from the Hays High volleyball team claims multiple students sitting in the student’s section could be heard making the comments during the game.

It goes on to say that the Hays coaching staff brought the incident to the attention of Canyon High School staff and that not enough was done to rectify the situation. They say that their voices and concerns weren’t fully heard, trusted and respected because adults did not hear the comments.

The Hays release suggests that if the students involved couldn’t be identified, the entire student section should have been removed.

“We don’t believe the Canyon volleyball team is at fault in this situation, or that it is a reflection of the program. However, the students in the student section represent Canyon High School, and the administration did not adequately address the situation.”

Comal ISD Acting Superintendent Mandy Epley responded with a statement apologizing to the Hays volleyball program:

“Comal ISD and Canyon High School will not tolerate this sort of behavior as it does not represent who we are as a district or as a campus. The students, staff and community at Canyon High School have worked hard to create a culture of inclusion and acceptance. Any comments that a single student, or group of students, may have made are not reflective of the overall student body at Canyon High School or Comal ISD.”


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