Comey’s Nothingburger.


Well, that was enlightening.

We found out that former FBI director, James Comey, leaked his own memos to the New York Times to encourage a special counsel to be convened in the Russia investigation. We learned (what we already knew) that he and The Trumpster had a couple of uncomfortable dinner dates and phone conversations where the president mentioned he wanted loyalty–not demanding a ‘loyalty oath’ as has been reported–and that Comey felt weird when former AG Loretta Lynch asked him to refer to the Clinton email investigation as a “matter”.

Whoa. This really blows that whole Watergate-thingy outta the water, yes?

The only deception mentioned on Trump’s part is Comey’s bizarre reason for keeping handwritten notes in the first place, which was that he was concerned the president “might lie” about their private conversations. He provided no testimony as to why he felt that way, other than there were no other records of the conversations.

He did confirm (again, without specific proof) that the Russians were involved in the presidential election. However, he also testified, when asked by Senator Burr if he felt any votes were altered as a result of Russian interference, that he was “confident” no votes had been changed.

BURR: “Are you confident that no votes cast in the 2016 presidential election were altered?”

COMEY: “I’m confident. When I left as director I had seen no indication of that whatsoever.”

Hmm. This is some fascinating bullshit going on right here. Apparently, the Russians interfered but had no interference. And, to date, no evidence exists that Donald Freaking Trump colluded with the Ruskies in any way, shape, or form, to win the election over Hillary Clinton.

The only other thing we learned today is that Sen. John McCain may wish to consider retirement, given his rambling, nonsensical questioning of the former FBI director. In fact, as my DC sources tell me, the senator is still in the committee chamber, gibbering alone to an empty room, fully unaware that James Comey and everyone else have long since recessed and gone home.

The Trump Tweet of the Day, of course, is his non-Tweeting. One can only wonder if his cyber silence was something he was strongly advised to do, or if he simply wanted to deny all those beltway douche bags their free cocktails at the Comey watch parties scattered throughout Georgetown and Northern Virginia. I’d like to think it was the second reason. It’s funnier.

In any event, I found the whole thing to be a big, fat, greasy ‘nothingburger’, to quote our former Secretary of State, who ought to be wearing orange right now, and bunking with Leslie Van Houten.

Go, Trump, go. Still digging the ride…

Jesus loves you and so do I,

rev s






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