Commissioners Approve Incentives for Credit Human Move to the Pearl

By Bill O’Neil

Credit Human is half way to a new headquarters at the Pearl.

Bexar County Commissioners Tuesday voted on a tax incentive plan to help the organization make the move.

Credit Human CEO Stephen Hennigan told Commissioners the organization really wants to be part of the Alamo City’s urban footprint.

“Particularly that we’re seeing now more than ever that the financial health statistics of Americans–and particularly San Antonians… nearly 60% of them now are financially unhealthy” Henningan said.

He called the potential move a winner for everyone.

“A new headquarter building that will consolidate our operations on the north side and west side of town–as well as bring some of the growth that we have in from other parts of the United States in to this community” Hennigan said.

Judge Nelson Wolff likes the planned move–which he sees as an opportunity for more people to be able to live, work and play in the same neighborhood.

“That takes away a tremendous tremendous burden on our public infrastructure” Wolff said.

As part of agreeing to the tax incentive plan, Commissioners have instructed the County to look at all of its incentive packages by the start of the new year.

“To look at things like what happens in geographic areas that we’re trying to rehabilitate–and see if we should still be giving incentives in that area” Commissioner Kevin Wolff said.

San Antonio’s City Council is set to vote Thursday on an incentive package of their own.



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