Committee approves proposed changes to Alamo Plaza

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – Proposed changes to Alamo Plaza are moving forward after getting the okay from the Alamo Citizens Advisory Committee.

The plans include repairing, but not moving the Cenotaph. The Texas Historical commission last year denied a permit to relocate the 56-foot monument honoring the Alamo defenders.   Wednesday evening, three members of the panel voted against a proposal to submit a repair plan to the city’s Office of Historic Preservation and the Texas Historical Commission for review before initiating any repairs to the Cenotaph.

“Frankly, I think it doesn’t need to be there.  It’s an empty mausoleum or grave,” said Roger Perez. “I’m going to vote no on this because I don’t want to send a unanimous approval that we agree with the Texas  Historical Commission.”

Perez was joined by George Cisneros and Anthony Edwards in voting no on the Cenotaph issue.

Questions also were raised about the language of a statement concerning events at Alamo Plaza.  It says that the Plaza will accommodate traditional existing events such as ceremonies and parades that are “in alignment with the vision and guiding principles and have a cultural or historical tie to the site” and they must “provide the required reverence to the site.”  Several members of the committee asked who will determine whether events meet the requirements.

“What one group or individual may think is a reverent activity, another might not see it the same way,” said Christine Jacobs.

“We’re definitely going to address what is the process by which events are permitted and who is the decider of those events,” said Assistant City Manager Lori Houston.  ” That will be discussed in the lease agreement and the city will have a say  in that.”

The committee also has approved a plan to close Alamo Street between Houston Street and Crockett to vehicular traffic by June 1 if it’s approved by City Council.

The panel decided that Alamo Plaza should remain open for Fiesta parades, as long as they maintain reverence when passing through the area.

Another proposal states that the historic footprint of the Mission will not be lowered.  Instead, Alamo Plaza and the historic Mission footprint will be delineated by different pavers or other means.

The San Antonio City Council will be briefed on the new plans April 7th and a vote is expected April 15.

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