Rampant inflation.Central economic planning gone awry.  Moral depravation. Across-the-board collapse of institutions and norms.

Yes, they are kinda sorta features of post-WWI Germany and the US today, but it’s a stretch to say one is the same as the other.

The comparison I would make, far from perfect, is that leaders and institutions have to be as great as the moment. They have to live up to the billing. It’s when people, anywhere, lose faith in, or give up on, government, financial and educational institutions, the church, etc., that something horrible can sweep away norms, rule of law, and sweep to power.

“Election deniers”? No, that wasn’t the downfall of Germany, nor will it be ours.

I’m remembering the Inigo Montoya line from “Princess Bride”: “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means”.

Not a word in this case, but more like an analogy.


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