NEW PALTZ, N.Y. (AP) – Confederate Railroad frontman Danny Shirley says he loves the part of the country he’s from and he will never apologize for that. Confederate Railroad was dropped from the Ulster County Fair in New York because of the use of the Confederate flag in the band’s logo. Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan says any symbol of division and racism runs counters to the fair’s values. Shirley says the flag represents history and Southern heritage. Shirley says the band’s name was inspired by a steam locomotive called the General that was commandeered in Georgia by a Union raiding party during the Civil War. It’s on display in Kennesaw, Georgia, where Shirley lived when he got his record deal. Confederate Railroad lost a performance slot at the Illinois State Fair this month for similar reasons. Shirley says it seems people are looking for something to get upset about and he’s “just the flavor of the month.”

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