Congratulations, Trey Ware, From Late Afternoon-ville

KTSA morning co-host Trey Ware is celebrating 49—forty nine?!?—years on the radio, and 25 years in mornings on the big 550!

You have to appreciate how rare that is in radio, in any era. A great run for a famous or legendary personality might be five, ten, 15 years.

And in the current media climate of rapid ownership and blink-of-an-eye management changes, it’s even more unique.

If you want to know what he’s like to work with and be around, send me $2 and a self-addressed stamped envelope…

No, just kidding. He’s genuinely the guy you hear on the air, off the air. Same energy, sincerity and all-around niceness.

So, a tip of the headphones to the man who can sing like Elvis and drive like Unser, and can still wake up San Antonio, Trey Ware!

Not only does he “love San Antonio”, he IS San Antonio.

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