Congress Asking Questions About Church Shooter’s Guns

By Bill O’Neil

We now know the man who carried out the shooting rampage that killed at least 26 people at a Sutherland Springs church should never have gotten his hands on the gun used in carrying out the rampage.

Now, members of Congress are asking how it happened–and why.

“We have laws on the books that say if you’re a domestic abuser, you’re not supposed to own a gun. He was a domestic abuser, that’s why we have all of these questions with the Air Force right now… which is how did this slip through the cracks?” Ryan said, convinced additional regulations should not be the focus of the investigation.

“How about enforcing the laws on the books. This man should not have gotten a gun. You know why? Because he was a domestic abuser” Ryan said.

The shooter’s conviction for domestic violence was never properly entered in to a national database by the Air Force. If it had been, it would have come up as a red flag when he tried to make a legal firearm purchase.

“Yes, we will be holding them (the Air Force) accountable” Senator John McCain said. However, the Republican from Arizona also placed a lot of the blame for what happened on his colleagues in Washington.

“Of course they (the Air Force) should be held accountable” McCain said, adding “But the problem arose with the Congress and sequestration–which cut readiness, training, equipment and ability to defend the nation” McCain said.



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