Congressman Hurd provides update on 91 evacuees from China under quarantine at JBSA-Lackland

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – Congressman Will Hurd says 91 evacuees from the epicenter of the novel coronavirus in China are under quarantine at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland.

Hurd visited the military installation Saturday to get an update on the Americans who arrived Friday from Wuhan where the coronavirus continues to spread. The men, women and children were first flown to Travis Air Force Base in California where they were medically evaluated before continuing the trip to San Antonio.

“None of those individuals showed signs of the coronavirus before they came here and they’re being checked multiple times a day,”
said Hurd.

If any of the evacuees develop a fever, they’ll be taken for further medical evaluation.

Upon their arrival Friday, they were issued a federal quarantine order, which prevents them from leaving their quarantine area until they are medically cleared. They’re under quarantine for fourteen days at Lackland’s Gateway Inn where federal marshals continue to patrol the fenced perimeter.

“This (federal quarantine order) hasn’t been done in 60 years,” said Hurd. “The last time it was done was during smallpox, so this is an extraordinary measure being taken in order to protect public safety.”

Contract employees who are trained to work in quarantine areas are providing housekeeping and food services. They’re outfitted with  gowns, gloves, masks and respirators.

“The reason they (evacuees) were brought here to Lackland is because of the medical systems of San Antonio,” said Hurd. “San Antonio has met the challenges when there are problems and we’re doing it once again.”

Assistant City Manager Colleen Bridger says,” all healthy travelers returning to the US from lower-risk areas of China are agreeing to self quarantine until all risk of developing the virus (has) passed.” 
San Antonio Metro Health Reports that as of today, Bexar County has no reports of individuals diagnosed with novel coronavirus.  Twelve confirmed cases exist in the USA however there are no  cases in Texas.  The CDC says the risk to the public from this virus continues to remain low. 

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