SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recorded a speech while in Jerusalem, praising President Trump’s foreign policy.  That speech aired Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention and Congressman Joaquin Castro says that may be a violation of the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from participating in certain political activities.

“It’s a problem because the taxpayers paid for the secretary of state to go to Israel and then he ends up while he’s there, giving a political speech,” Castro said on Sirius XM Progress.

The Democrat from San Antonio notes that just last month, Pompeo sent a memo to employees advising them to adhere to the Hatch Act.

“He told them,’You are not supposed to engage in any kind of politicking or be part of a political convention,’ and then months later, he ends up doing what he told them not to do,” said Castro.

The chair of the subcommittee on the House Foreign Affairs committee on Oversight and Investigations is asking for details about the preparation of the travel and Pompeo’s official business in the Middle East.

“This administration has continued to break laws, rules, customs, norms and our committee is going to take a look at it,” said Castro.

The congressman’s twin brother, Julian Castro, violated the Hatch Act when he was Secretary of of Housing and Urban Development.  The Office of Special Counsel determined that as HUD Secretary, Julian Castro violated the law when he mixed his personal political views with official agency business during a news interview.


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