“Connecting the dots” after Uvalde has some usefulness…

…but what we wouldn’t give to have those lives back.

We have to connect the dots in time to save lives, not assign blame.

Who could be against doing so?

Well, the California State Assembly, apparently. They just voted through a bill giving schools the option of not reporting incidents of attacks or criminal threats by students against other children or faculty. This same “optional” arrangement led to Broward schools covering up the escalating violence and madness of the boy who would become the Parkland school shooter (Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School).

The rationale of Governor Newsom and California Democrats? Minority students were disproportionately reported to law enforcement.

If the “disproportion” reflects actual behavior, we need to be honest about it, and I believe parents of every color would want to be.

Or, if the discrepancy is due to racial or ethnic bias on the part of those reporting, let’s deal with that, too, with candor.

Pretending, and covering up violent acts—the “dots” of a future school shooting—is obscenely misguided at best.

Racial pandering at worst.

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