Conspiracy Theorists Arrested in Sutherland Springs

Four months after 26 people were shot and killed during a church service in Sutherland Springs, those who lost loved ones in the massacre are being haunted by conspiracy theorists who claim it didn’t happen.

Fifty-four-year-old Robert Ussery and his partner, Jodi Mann, were arrested by Wilson County Sheriff’s Deputies Monday after harassing the pastor of First Baptist Church and another member of the congregation.

“He keeps insisting that this was a Homeland Security drill and that nobody ever got hurt here,” Pastor Frank Pomeroy told the Trey Ware Morning Show.

Pomeroy’s daughter was killed in the massacre November 5.

“He said my daughter never even existed and he demanded to see her birth certificate,” said the pastor.

Pomeroy claims Ussery yelled and cursed at him and another church member Monday and threatened to hang him.

“He told us if we went around the corner he would beat us to death. He didn’t actually threaten to come inside the church, but he was pointing his finger at me and another member of the church,” Pomeroy said.

The pastor says other members of the Sutherland Springs community who lost loved ones in the mass shooting November 5 have been getting phone calls from Ussery, who tells them that their loved ones did not die or they did not exist. Pomeroy says he also has accused some of them of hiding their loved ones as part of a government cover up.



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