Cool temperatures in San Antonio ahead of weekend cold front

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — San Antonio is forecasted to have cool temperatures through the week before a cold front blows in on Friday.

According to the National Weather Service, the cold front is bringing a chance for a hard freeze in some areas on Saturday morning with lows forecasted around 30 degrees.

Low precipitation chances on Monday will increase into Tuesday with a 50% chance in the area with high temperatures in the mid-50’s.

Daytime temperatures will incrementally increase as the week moves forward with highs in the mid-60’s Wednesday and mid-70’s on Thursday. Temperatures are forecasted to drop back into the mid-50’s as the cold front moves into the San Antonio area on Friday.

Gusty conditions will also follow the cold front, causing an elevated chance for fires on Friday, the NWS said in a forecast discussion.

Nighttime temperatures are forecasted to drop below freezing on Saturday night with a chance for a hard freeze on portions of the I-35 and Hwy 90 corridor in addition to the Hill Country and a light freeze for the remaining area. The NWS said there is also a chance for a light freeze Sunday morning.

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