Cornyn Questions Comey During Senate Hearing

By Bill O’Neil

The Senate’s Number Two Republican took his turn at questioning former FBI Director James Comey in front of the Senate’s Intelligence Committee Thursday.

“I understand it’s personal” Cornyn told Comey, who replied “There’s no indispensable people in the world–including at the FBI. There’s lots of bad things about me not being at the FBI–most of them for me–but the work is going to go on as before.”

There were no major revelations from Senator John Cornyn’s questions and the answers provided by Comey–though there was at least one interesting exchange between the two centering on whether or not an FBI Director has a legal obligation to report any illegal activity he or she might discover.

“That’s a good question. I don’t know whether there’s a legal duty to report it. They certainly have a cultural-ethical duty to report it” Comey said, then adding “Let me be clear… I would expect any FBI who has any information about a crime being committed to report it.”

“Me too” Cornyn agreed.

“Where you rest that obligation, I don’t know. It exists” Comey said.



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