Cornyn Sets Tone for Obamacare Debate

Has the tone been set for the debate that’s coming to Capitol Hill over Obamacare?

“After eight years of an Obama White House, the American People wanted a change” Senator John Cornyn said Tuesday–as a new Congress began to get down to business.

On one hand, Cornyn said the message sent by voters was very clear.

“I think we ought to have enough humility–those of us on both sides of the aisle–to say it wasn’t a ringing affirmation of either political party” the Senate’s Number Two Republican said, also making it very clear he believes voters spoke just as clearly when it comes to the Affordable Care Act.

“I believe the verdict of the American People has been that Obamacare has failed the American People” Cornyn said, pointing to what he sees as “broken promises.”

“Higher premiums with less coverage. Many lost their insurance altogether after being promised by the President himself if you liked what you have you can keep it” the Senator said.

Cornyn said the law should be replaced by something more affordable–that includes more options–and helps in creating a better economic climate for the country.

He’s hoping Democrats are hearing the message as well.

“I would just ask our Democratic colleagues to look at the fact they passed it originally (the Affordable Care Act) with sixty votes–now, they’re at forty-eight” the Senator said.

Meanwhile, Cornyn has also been appointed to serve as part of the Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence.



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