Cornyn To U.S Senate “Fix NICS”

Senator John Cornyn urged his colleagues to take up his Fix NICS Act, a bill with broad bipartisan support to help prevent gun violence.

He says the bill has strong bi-partisan support and a promise from the President that he would approve the bill. But Cornyn says it’s not going anywhere until the “political posturing” comes to an end.

“People want to make this bill a Christmas tree, trying to decorate it with other legislative ornaments that look nice to their political base but stand no chance of passing this body or the House. I think we have to call that what it is. It’s political posturing. It’s not about getting a result. It’s not about passing a bill which will actually improve the background check system to prevent people like the shooter at Sutherland Springs, for example, from actually purchasing a firearm by lying on the background check.”

Cornyn says the Senate needs to start with what’s achievable and what will actually save lives.

The Fix NICS bill would help prevent dangerous individuals with criminal convictions and a history of mental illness from buying firearms.



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