Cornyn on Trump Address: New Direction for America

A new direction for America.

That’s just what the Senate’s Number Two Republican sees amid President Donald Trump’s first address to Congress.

“We now finally have a President in the White House who will sign these bills we pass here in to law” Senator John Cornyn said, pleased with what he’s seen from the new Administration to this point.

“I’m glad the President is delivering on his promise to protect American jobs and grow our economy–and, he’s willing to work with Congress to do just that” Cornyn said.

The Senator also is pleased the new President and Congress seem committed to cutting through a lot of the red tape that has been added over the last several years.

“All of these rules that we are rolling back through the Congressional Resolution of Disapproval were put in place during the Obama Administration” Cornyn said.

Looking ahead, the Senator is focused on tackling the Affordable Care Act.

“I look forward to working with our colleagues here to deliver ont he promise we made to the American people to repeal Obamacare, and put in its place a health care law that actually works for people–not against them” Cornyn said.



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